We aspire to awaken humanity to its spiritual magnificence so that the world is a place that works for everyone.

Conscious Conversations 
with Collette and Jill

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For Sunday program, join us live on Facebook at 7:00 pm.
Please do not come to the Center if you are part of a vulnerable population, feeling unwell, or concerned about being in public spaces. 
All programs canceled until further notice. Please check our site regularly for updates.

We are a charitable community with a mission to teach people about their infinite potential so that everyone creates the life they love. 

We offer free or highly subsidized courses, workshops, and tools for self empowerment. We believe that personal growth is ongoing and requires daily care and mindfulness. Through global practices individuals acquire conscious living habits that transform their personal life, the work place and community.

We believe that empowered and inspired people make good decisions, care about their connection to all of life, and live from a place of equality, balance and peace, creating a world that works for everyone.


Our VISION is A community that is inspired, connected, supportive, and open for all.

Our MISSION is to provide an environment that supports connection and growth through education, experiences and professional facilitation that empowers people. 


  1. Teach practices for inspired and empowered living.
  2. Building relationships by connecting people with each other
  3. Provide deeper experiences for a meaningful life.

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