What is Affirmative Prayer Treatment and how does it affect me?

 (from How to Speak Science of Mind by Dennis Merritt Jones, DD)

"In Science of Mind®, a "Treatment" (also know as a Spiritual Mind Treatment) is simply an affirmative prayer stated in a systematic manner (or formula). It usually has five steps that guide you or the person performing the treatment through a logical flow of statements that reinforce our unity with God. An example of a simplified Treatment might be:

uses a five-step affirmative prayer called spiritual mind treatment. The five steps are:

1. Recognition— I know that God is All there is.
2. Unification— I know I am one with God, in Spirit, Mind and Body.
3. Declaration— I know that the good I seek already exists in the mind of God.
4. Thanksgiving— Knowing I am one with God and that the gift has already been made, I claim and accept my good, giving great thanks for it.
5. Release— I now release this prayer unto the Universe, knowing it is done, as I believ. I let go and let God. And so it is. Amen.

"A Spiritual Mind Treatment does not cause change to any physical conditions initially. It does however change the consciousness of the one being treated. BEcause we all exist in the one mind of God, what is known as the truth in the consciousness of the one doing the trement, elevates an awareness in the experience of the one being treated."

There is no beseeching to or urge to compel an outside entity in spiritual mind treatment.  As founder Ernest Holmes states:

Effective mental treatment is propelled by a consciousness of love and a realization that the Creative spirit is always at work....A treatment should be given in a calm, expectant manner and with a deep inner conviction of its reality, without any fear or any sense that the human mind must make it effective. The work is effective because the Law is always in operation.

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  • Marilyn McPhee
    Marilyn has been practising the Principles of Science of Mind since 2003: it's true, change your thinking, change your life! What is our greater yet to be? 










  • Kay Goodrich 
    A retired teacher, Kay now has a new title, that of Religious Science Practitioner.  Kay took on the role of 'Helper' in early childhood.  Her many activities over the years fit right in to that persona, from teaching students with learning difficulties to supporting cancer patients on their journey through illness.  A life long learner she searched for the kind of community she found when she found Science of Mind and the Centre here in Campbell River.  It was time for Kay to learn more about who she is and that the person  she most needed to take care of is herself.    As a Practitioner she is available to support others on their journey through life's challenges.







Collette Ordano-Saunders
From child to present day, Collette could not help but to campaign for bigger possibilities of life so that people, including herself, and animals and the earth, could all experience and know freedom.









Cory Bretz
Cory Bretz loves to support and challenge people to re-discover their own Divine Magnificence. He has over 25 years experience with deep listening, wrestling with shadow and limiting belief, and digging up our forgotten gold and gifts. As a veteran of the mythopoetic men's movement Cory has clocked thousands of hours in sacred space helping men remember who they really are so they can be better fathers, husbands, employers, and community members. He has also been a regular in many co-gender and LGBTQ healing circles building communication and heart bridges across gender lines and and identity. His journey has included hospice training, Crisis Line service, and honing skills as an intuitive interviewer, filmmaker, musician, and workshop facilitator. Cory is an active community volunteer having served as President of Centre for Spiritual Living Yaletown, co-founder of Spirit Circles in Vancouver, and a men's group facilitator in the ManKind Project British Columbia. corybretz@gmail.com


Missy Christensen
Missy has an arts background and has always felt drawn to spirituality and human development, but was never one for “religion”. A series of transformative life experiences brought Missy to Centers for Spiritual Living, where she has finally found a philosophy and faith practice that is highly mindful, creative, practical, inclusive and individually empowering. As a Practitioner, Missy loves to support others in tapping into their unique power and purpose too. missysees@gmail.com








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