Prayer Request are FREE

Send an email to our Practitioner to submit a prayer request. You can select a practitioner of your choice by contacting any one of us directly. Each of us have provided our WHY statement, inspired through the reading of Simon Sinek, "Start with Why".
It is our honour to be in service to you.​
To nurture relationships through acceptance and unconditional love so that everyone is inspired to live an authentic and joyful life.
To share deep loving connections so that all of life is heard, seen and inspired to be free.

To campaign for bigger possibilities of Life so that people, animals, and the earth can experience and know freedom.
To bless, nurture, guide, and lead by example so that those who are ready bring all their magnificence and love to this world. 

To engage with people and the natural world so that communities can thrive in harmony and connection.
To promote respect and joy into Life so that  acceptance and happiness expand in my corner of the world.
To  inspire so that everyone experiences magic through deep connection and play.


For more detailed support along your personal journey:

HIRE a practitioner: $80/session
(all prices are on a sliding scale)