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Things Members say about our Centre:

This past year at the Centre: 
Being connected to such powerful creative and loving leaders has inspired me and energized my own leadership expansion. I've seen greater work results. Relationships even more loving and intimate. Productive valued volunteer leadership and many in my world who have been challenged, supported, and blessed as they lead from their own magnificence.  So grateful. 
Cory Bretz
The Centre, this year,  has made a difference in my life by:
- Practitioner sessions
- Community
- Help with processing my grief and blockages afterMum died and as I move into new life
- Offered me bigger ideas for how I might take my practice and my work further
- supporting my dreams
- Keeping me connected to the other practitioners
- Supporting and participating in initiatives I spearheaded
- Teaching me - offering me classes
- Providing a sense of home and belonging
- showing me what it is like to show up in candor and vulnerability
- Giving and extra place where I can send my Spirit Circles peeps for growth beyond what I am able to offer them.
- Reminding me of the Truth via daily prayer
- Giving me opportunities to be seen and to make new friends
- Accepting me
- Giving me opportunities to be in service and to participate in the law of reciprocity - (offering meaning to existence through participation)
- Helping me learn new technical skills

This has made me a better Practitioner, team leader and person and to become more focused  and successful in living my best life.

thank you!
Missy Christensen