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We are dedicated to our mission, supporting individuals as they create more joy-filled and successful lives. We have a track record of amazing success. Lives have healed physically, financially, romantically and in many other ways. There are multiple ways to give to the Spiritual Center and you can review those below. 
We are a registered non-profit and a registered charitable organization, and we are pleased to offer you a tax receipt for your generous gifts. 

Our Charity Number: 85754 1700 RR0001

Giving Opportunities

In 2017 we raised enough money to replace the slope part of our roof. Thank you everyone who donated to this project. We continue to raise funds to replace the torch on section with an estimated time of completion in 2019.
January 30, 2018 we are signing off on our mortgage agreement with Coastal Community Credit Union. Thank you everyone who contributed to this mortgage. We are thrilled to be stepping forward successfully along our journey of a connected and caring spiritual community.

Presently we have an ambitious group putting together a recipe book and their goal is to raise fund for a commercial dishwasher. Financial contributions towards this asset are appreciated.

Opportunities for 2018:

  • Paint for our south wall $900
  • Commercial Dishwasher $5,000
  • Torch on Roof $15,000
  • Road Signage

Make your monetary donation to the Centre for Spiritual Living - Campbell River by clicking on the Paypal link below, or by calling our office at 250.850.3064, or by email transfer to or a cheque by mail. Identify how you would like your gift to be spent.

If you shop at THRIFTY FOOD's, email us and request a SMILE card. At no cost to you, for every dollar you spend at Thrifty Foods, 5% goes to our Centre.

We also ask you to think of us fondly in your estate planning. If you need more information regarding estate planning, please call 250.850.3064 or email Jill -

Mail to: Centre for Spitiual Living - Campbell River  516 S. Dogwood St., Campbell River, BC. V9W 6R4 or click on the link below.


Donations of your bottles and cans, are received under the name of the Centre for Spiritual Living - Campbell River at the following locations:

Campbell River Recycling Depot (Campbellton)
1580F Willow Street (Across from Finning)

Courtenay Return-It Centre
1255 McPhee

A BIG THANK YOU and many blessings. Please know that your contributions are part of changing lives and making this world a better place for everyone.


Everything is Connected - An AHA Moment with Natalie Brown

My husband, Elizabeth and I moved to Campbell River from Calgary in December 2016. Shortly after we arrived, Dan had to leave for a 10 days work shift in Gold River. The moving truck was delayed in transit. Elizabeth and I were sleeping on a floor and had nothing to keep us busy, except for a pen and few pieces of paper. We only had one car and Dan had to take it with him. So there we were, pouring rain outside,

Elizabeth and I, stuck in a house with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Have you ever spent a week in an empty house with a cranky 5 year old? It’s not fun. We took a bus to downtown, but the weather was absolutely miserable and we got soaked from head to toe. We did not even had rain gear at that time!

I was incredibly lonely, missing my friends and family over Christmas, worried about starting a new job and creating a new life in this unfamiliar little town. After a few weeks I’ve discovered the Center for Spiritual Living. I’ve never been a spiritual person, or believed in god, or could buy into the concept of organised religion. But somehow the teachings at the Center agreed with me.

All my life I tried to control my circumstances chasing after happiness, but never really finding it. I moved from town to town, changed universities, tried different jobs, went through a number of careers, yet I never seem to get any closer to peace. The Center made me realize that happiness comes from within, not without. I had to stop chasing after it, come to the stand still and look inside myself in order to finally find what I was looking for.

As a scientist, I have a difficult time believing in God. I fully understand the benefits of religion: stress reduction, connection to the community, longer and happier lives, better health. I just can’t get on board with a concept of some greater being who is constantly watching me, judging me, waiting for me to screw up. What I can believe though, is that everything is interconnected. I can see it in science. The sun sends energy down to earth in form of heat and light. This energy gets absorbed by the plants and transformed into carbohydrates. Cows eat grass, humans eat cows, mosquitoes feed on humans, birds eat mosquitoes. There is a constant current of energy that flows through and around us. We are born out of this current and when we die, we simply rejoin this flow of energy. Trees and flowers absorb the energy from our remains and pass it on to the next generations. The sun’s energy does not just feed the living things. It evaporates water from the oceans and forms clouds, allows rain to fall and rivers to flow. The winds are also fed by the sun, as it heats some parts of our planet more than others. The fossil fuels are remnants of sun's energy that arrived on earth many years ago. The rain and hurricanes, the rivers and lakes, the lichens and baobabs, the worms and humans - we are all set in motion by the sun's energy, and we are all connected.

That very first day at the Center I felt that connection and I could not stop crying. This new community accepted and embraced me at the time I need it most. I was finally home. It felt like a heavy wall of clouds lifted off my mind to let a ray of sunshine in. It gave me energy to keep going. And I knew from that moment on that I would be OK.