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VISTA Virtual Conference: Opening General Session LIVE

Under One Sky: Spiritually Living for Today from the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living
A Welcome by Rev. Dr. Pat Campbell
Welcome to VISTA 2019 by Rev. Josh Reeves
Moving from FO to JO and Not Missing a Thing!
This talk is designed to express how we can use fear, doubt, worry, and not enoughness to propel ourselves forward into a new adventure and perhaps our true nature of joy. The secret is Knowing When to Hold Em and Knowing When to Fold em. It is no surprise that Las Vegas is where Rev Staci Hylton learned this life altering lesson.
5 Commandments for a New Way of Being
It appears that there is a new age being birthed throughout the world. This requires a new way of being and a heightened responsibilty if we choose to help direct the future rather than be directed by others. Dr. Kenn wil touch on 5 ways of being that we could choose to embrace to help facilitate a smoother evolution.
Music Under the Direction of AMY BISHOP
~ by donation
Mar 4, 2019 @ 5:00pm  —  Mar 4, 2019 @ 6:30pm
Location516 S. Dogwood St., Campbell River, BC V9W 6R4

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Laura&CraigWe’re forever grateful for this teaching – It has given us the substance with which to live in our Truth, to create music and bring healing to ourselves and the world vbc.

- Craig & Laura Berman Benelli

Isa GreenbergI am constantly amazed and inspired by the abundance of love present and the lives that are being lived by my center's members and leaders!Due to these teachings I live every day to the fullest, giving thanks for the light and consciousness that has been passed along to me!

- Isa Greenberg

darMy soul feels transformed. I am constantly living on the edge of growth, and with that growth comes a deep inner awareness of what I am. My life continues to evolve with ease and grace since coming to Science of Mind classes. This teaching has given me the courage to step into my personal truth and power. I choose to live each moment in love and light, sharing my talents with others. For me, Science of Mind is truly beyond my wildest dreams!

- Darlene Bentley

rogerWithin a very short period of Science of Mind training, I have discovered things about myself that I have only dreamed were mine to know. For the first time for as long as I can remember, I like myself. I know, with all my heart, that I can be who I have dreamed I could be!                

- Roger Tew