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Mindful Meditation for Beginners

A beginner course with Lucas Stiefvater. Meditation is mainstream! It is no longer just the stuff of monks, gurus and sages. In fact, it is being compared to physical exercise, in terms of its benefits to brain health and there is science to back it up.
Hardwired for Happiness
Changing Your Brain Through Mindfulness Meditation
So, what is all the fuss about?
Well it turns out that a mindfulness practice does change the way the brain functions. In fact, it changes brain chemistry and increases actual gray matter. So, who is meditation good for? Well everyone! For those suffering from anxiety, depression, age related brain impairments and even head trauma, meditation can be a game changer. There are many ways to meditate and many options available to get you started.
Hardwired for Happiness, is designed to help new meditators get started and experienced meditators build on their current practice. You will learn some tips and tricks to help with your daily practice and enjoy a guided meditation with Lucas Stiefvater. Lucas brings more than 15 years of meditation practice and his experience as a meditation guide and instructor to the workshop.
FREE (donations gratefully accepted)
Aug 4, 2019 @ 7:00pm  —  Aug 4, 2019 @ 8:00pm
Location516 S. Dogwood St., CAmpbell River, BC V9W 6R4

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Laura&CraigWe’re forever grateful for this teaching – It has given us the substance with which to live in our Truth, to create music and bring healing to ourselves and the world vbc.

- Craig & Laura Berman Benelli

Isa GreenbergI am constantly amazed and inspired by the abundance of love present and the lives that are being lived by my center's members and leaders!Due to these teachings I live every day to the fullest, giving thanks for the light and consciousness that has been passed along to me!

- Isa Greenberg

darMy soul feels transformed. I am constantly living on the edge of growth, and with that growth comes a deep inner awareness of what I am. My life continues to evolve with ease and grace since coming to Science of Mind classes. This teaching has given me the courage to step into my personal truth and power. I choose to live each moment in love and light, sharing my talents with others. For me, Science of Mind is truly beyond my wildest dreams!

- Darlene Bentley

rogerWithin a very short period of Science of Mind training, I have discovered things about myself that I have only dreamed were mine to know. For the first time for as long as I can remember, I like myself. I know, with all my heart, that I can be who I have dreamed I could be!                

- Roger Tew