About Us

The Centre in Campbell River Approach
"Inspiring humanity for the wellbeing of the world".

We are a charitable community with a mission to teach people about their infinite potential. We believe that is the key to everyone living a life they love.

We offer free or highly subsidized courses, workshops, and tools for self empowerment. We believe that personal growth is ongoing and is enhanced through daily care and mindfulness. Through global practices individuals acquire conscious living habits that transform their personal life, their relationships, the work place, and community.

We believe that empowered and inspired people make good decisions, care about their connection to all of life, and the planet, and live from a place of equality, balance, love, and peace, creating a world that works for everyone.

We see the highest ideal in all circumstances and situations. We operate with the knowledge that there is an Infinite truth of life that has no limitations or weakness. Instead, this Truth inspires and provides a basis of  life that is only possibility and potential for everyone.



We live in the realization that everyone is a part of the Whole of Life and that we are all connected. Where one person suffers or succeeds, we all suffer and succeed. Each person’s existence is an essential part of the whole. We constantly align ourselves with the belief in One Power that is greater than us, and we know that we can use this Power. We embrace and value all individual uniqueness through each and every person. We embrace all races and ethnicities, all religions, all countries of origin, all gender identities, all sexual orientations, all abilities, EVERYONE.


Eternal Goodness:

Beyond time and space, beyond good and bad, Life is an eternal energy in and through all things that is always giving of Itself and creating of Itself. It is expanding and moving forward in its livingness all of the time.

There just is Light, Life, Love, Beauty, Peace, Power and Joy and every experience is either expressing these qualities or blocking them.
We live in Eternal Freedom and we can use the Infinite Law of this Universe for our good or to block our good.

We are committed to remembering that all of life is spiritual. Spirituality in this sense is recognizing that we are all connected to each other by an Infinite Power, and that our connection to one another is grounded in love and goodness.

This is the principle and foundation of our path. Life is FOR me.


That’s just the way it is:

We consider the possibility that there isn’t a way it is or a way it isn’t but there is the way we choose to act. We hold each other in the idea that we are always in choice and that all of our choices make a difference. Our attitude is one of enough ‘ness’, in where what is good for me is good for everyone. It’s not me or you, rather me and you. We thrive together.


Integrity in relationships:

We support an environment where everyone involved commits to taking full responsibility for their impact on each other and the world around us. Their relationship to others, their own personal well being and their stewardship of the earth are all vital parts of this commitment. Honesty, truthfulness, candour, openness and following through with agreements are the framework on which our practice of integrity is built.


Connection and Trust/Safety:

We cultivate a community-wide atmosphere that fosters growth and deep connection through support, encouragement, vulnerability, candour and trust building so that we can all move through challenge, change and transformational experiences. This is our practice of growth and self empowerment. We engage in unique creativity and endless possibilities, rather than living at the effect of defence and survival. With an open and curious approach to life we are able to face our own distortion of reality and move from anxiety to freedom.


Higher Power and Endlessness:

We believe in Life. This Life is all encompassing and beyond explanation

and we each interpret It in our own personal way. This Higher Power is often referred to as the Quantum Field, Love, Spirit, the Universe, Presence and has many names as unique as there are people. We all live within this field and it lives within us. This Life is timeless and un-ending.


Life is Creative:

In this present moment every desire already exists. We own that our reality is animated by the lens through which we look. We live in the idea that the Universe is complete and infinite and we examine our beliefs so that we can reveal what is shaping our experience. When we change our story we change our experience. We don’t deny our experiences, we see them as assisting our pathway to creative potential. We are most powerful when we are in the present moment.